4 no-bull insights into the AWS/VMware deal

It’s hard not to see why VMware Cloud on AWS, the new partnership between VMware and Amazon, is a big deal. Put together the single biggest name in cloud and the most recognizable name in virtualization, and you have an on-ramp to the cloud that enterprises will have a hard time refusing.

That’s the most obvious consequence of this partnership. But look closer, and many other implications rear their heads. Here are the four biggest that spring to mind.

1. Amazon had no real hybrid strategy; now it does

Google and Microsoft both have discernible plans for creating hybrid cloud infrastructures with their respective public clouds. Amazon never did, and for a long time that seemed to reflect its overall strategy. After all, Amazon’s strength lay in its widely used, well-understood public cloud offerings. But with this deal, in one swoop Amazon can work with another widely used, well-understood product to make possible a hybrid offering.

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