6 tips for migration from Windows Server 2003

6 tips for migration from Windows Server 2003
It will also be worth considering how organisations can virtualise your their server estate, or integrate cloud technology to run their IT environment as efficiently as possible. Private cloud is a common target for businesses going through migration …
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Cloud Performance—Noisy Neighbors And Bare-Metal Servers
Utility computing and job performance are at odds. On one hand, the lure of utility cloud resources including compute, storage and networking is appealing for a number of reasons previously discussed in this column. On the other hand, utility implies …
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​The best open-source software for serious Linux users
This server operating system has always been popular, especially with web-hosting sites and datacenters, since it combines Red Hat's quality for experienced administrators who don't need Red Hat's support. Behind CentOS, you'll find few … Cloud. This …
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Privacy alert: Outlook for iOS does security STUPIDLY, says dev
Winkelmeyer (@muenzpraeger), a developer at Midpoints GmbH, said the app stores user email and server credentials in the cloud without readily informing users, which jeopardises corporate security. "Microsoft will get and store your mail account …
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Cloud SLAs: Improvements Still Needed
The Rackspace SLA for cloud server hosts doesn't mention a percentage of uptime. Rather, it says if a host goes down, Rackspace will repair it within an hour. If it remains down over an hour, a penalty of 5% of the customer's server time per month is …
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