Atlantic Cloud Hosting Company was established in year 1994 to provide the cloud hosting service to its customers. Since then, it has transformed itself into a market leading company in the field of cloud hosting. It provides not only the cloud hosting services but a complete solution to cloud hosting problems of a customer. It headquarters are located in Orland, Florida, United States of America. It has many other offices nationwide too. It is one of the best clouds hosting solution provider companies in USA.

The most unique feature of this company services is that it provides you the solution of your problems rather than just providing a preplanned service package. It learns the issues and objective of the customer and then plans and executes the solution that is best suitable to its problems. It has world class data centers compliant with international standards. It offers cloud servers, private servers and hybrid ones. It has state of the art data centers and offices located nationwide. It has more than 17 years of experience and technical expertise. It uses world class infrastructures and hardware. Highly secure software and operating systems are installed for better and secure results.

Technology always believes in the best technology and innovation. It seeks high class of innovation in the technical use to exploit every available feature of technology in use. It uses latest versions of operating systems that are most secure, most reliable and efficient. It uses world known control panels for management of its services and infrastructures. Heavy duty machines are the key technical feature of its services. It has world known technology partners like Redhat, Intel, VMware, and Microsoft. It uses Cisco systems equipment for its networking to give great experience to the customer.

Performance and Reliability
Reliability and performance of the networks as well as systems of is amazing. It is almost 100% network uptime. This uptime is due to its great technology partners and expert human resources to manage the same. The best equipment available in the market place is used by this company to give the most reliable services to its corporate and mission critical operations of its customers. has achieved many performance and reliability awards and certificates from different independent professional organizations.

Price always focuses on the cost efficiency of customer solutions. The solutions provided by it are based on the reliability and cost effectiveness. considers many different aspects of cost and prices that a customer pays. The price plans of start from as low as $ 43.80 per month. It seems to be a bit higher price but the service provided by is much more valuable than this price.

Support always focuses on the satisfaction and the best results to the customer. The support of this company plays a pivotal role in this regards to achieve the company targets. Customer support of is world class; it has well trained technical customer support team. It serves its customers on the basis of 24x7x356.

Conclusion is one of the best and market leading cloud hosting company. It provides the mission critical services to its corporate customers, who need great network availability, great customer support and best returns on its investment.

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