Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider With Confidence

Choosing A Cloud Hosting Provider With Confidence
Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT landscape, and the conversation around adopting cloud technology has progressed from "if" to "when." Enterprises are showing strong interest in outsourced ("public") cloud offerings that can help them …
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Can Bitbucket prevail in a Github-obsessed world?
“It's already becoming a best practice to do that with cloud hosting in general.” Bitbucket user interface before (left) and after. Atlassian also updated Stash, its 5-month-old on-premises Git-based code repository/version management offering, with …
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IO raises M to rethink the corporate data center
IO also has a managed hosting and colocation business, which began as traditional raised-floor space housing servers in cages but is now primarily comprised of the company's modules. However, Slessman said, in the relatively short term, “well over half …
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Chinese Want to Put Computer 'Brains' in the Cloud
Millions of people use cloud computing without knowing it, by watching videos, sharing photos or using social media — online services such as YouTube, Gmail, Flickr and Facebook all depend on it. But could a cloud operating system become the brains …
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CenturyLink Brings Self-Service to Savvis Cloud
In the long-running debate about the definition of cloud computing, many cloud-watchers insist that a true cloud must be self-service, allowing users to provision and deploy their own servers. With its new savvisdirect service, CenturyLink is bringing …
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