Digital Agency Loft to Use SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

Digital Agency Loft to Use SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

Digital Agency Loft to Use SoftLayer Cloud Computing Services

Digital Agency Loft is a big client for SoftLayer cloud computing service provider after its acquisition by the Big Blue Company.

The Loft, a prominent digital agency in Australia has decided to transform its legacy educational business to the cloud computing services offered by the IBM subsidiary, SoftLayer. This was announced by the company through an official statement on Tuesday, March 05, 2014. This was a good news for IBM that is aggressively pursuing their way to cloud computing business through SoftLayer and other newly created business units.

This is very important to note that Loft Group has multiple businesses, and possesses a strong financial standing in the domain of digital media. The Loft Group has decided to transform its digital learning platform on the cloud computing platform of Softlayer Company to offer customized, mobile training and education platforms to its clients across the region and beyond. One the major client of Loft Group is L’Oreal, the largest cosmetics and beauty company in the globe. The Loft group manages a large digital platform to produce designs and delivery of digital content through software based platform.

It was further informed by the company in its official statement that, the group will use the Softlayer cloud computing platform for its digital e-learning campaigns.

The company statement further elaborated that it tried and assessed the cloud computing service and platforms of different providers such as AWS, and others – but the cloud service of SoftLayer were considered as the final choice to migrate its digital platforms.

“To maintain our high standards of customer service, we wanted to be able to simultaneously monitor our global environment and load balancing, as well as tune our performance to our customer’s needs in real-time,” says Garry Russel, the director products and services at Loft Group. He further added that, “Being able to precisely and quickly respond to our customers’ needs in every country is a critical pillar of our global expansion, and this level of performance tuning was one of SoftLayer’s biggest differentiators. We believe that the Tier-I reputation of IBM in the domain of IT services is above any question, and this was the focal point for us to decide to use SoftLayer cloud services.”

Garry further elaborated that, using the cloud platforms of big giants like IBM would also boost the confidence of our clients to rely on our industry grade services.

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