Eleven 2 is a very well known and fast growing cloud hosting company. It was founded by Rodney in year 2003. He is a technical expert entrepreneur who established this cloud hosting company, whose headquarter is located at Houston, Texas, United States of America. This company has multiple plans and business scenarios for its customers and cloud hosting plans are among such exciting business plans of this company. It provides some unmatched cloud hosting plans in the market place.

Eleven 2 has very innovative business plans bundled with suitable features in the field of cloud hosting. There are many business plans and associated features that are being provided by this company. Few of the exciting features of the services of this company are; great competitive price plans, exciting managed and hassle free cloud hosting services, world class infrastructure, great hardware and software, well known IT giants as technical partners, industry grade customer support, high class reliability, flexibility, scalability, and control panels, industry standard compliant data centers and other installations, and redundant power and data systems. Implementation of plan is done instantly and you have multiple options to choose from.

Eleven 2 management team is technology savvy and always look for best way to use the best technology available on the market place. Eleven 2 always uses the most cutting edge technologies for its operation of the business. Among such exciting technologies, few are; high class control and administration panels and interfaces, high speed backhaul fiber technology, fasted speed processors, self healing servers, and fault tolerant storage systems and many more. They use best software and operating systems for better security like Linux, Windows and other security software. Eleven-2 uses the best networking devices from Cisco systems for great satisfaction of customers.

Performance and Reliability 
Reliability is always achieved through the implementation of best technologies, professional network and system schemes, and commitment towards customer satisfaction. Eleven 2 is among those companies, which have all these factors associated with their customer services. Eleven 2 has a network availability equal to almost 100% and provides full time world class support to its customer so that no question of the customer is left unanswered. It has a well trained and well qualified customer support team with great proficiency on technical matters related to customer queries.

Eleven 2 has devised many best price plans for its customer regarding cloud hosting services. These plans are well focused, properly designed, properly stuffed with exciting features, and flexible. These plans are very closely associated with the needs of a regular customer of small and medium business profile. The minimum price starts from $ 25 per month.

Eleven 2 provide the best quality of customer support to its valuable clients. Customer team maintains high class of professionalism both in technical as well as social aspects. Eleven 2 has a dedicated customer support team serving its customers on “24×7” basis.

In the nut shell the services provided by Eleven 2 are among the best on the market place. This makes Eleven 2 the most attractive company for new customers to be attracted to.

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