Google Incorporates RHEL in Its Cloud Computing Platform

With the move, the users of the Google cloud computing services would be able to move their Red Hat subscriptions to the Google Compute Engine.

This was announced on Monday, April 7, 2014 by Red Hat and Google Corporation that they have joined hands together to kick off a Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL based cloud computing services on the Google Compute Engine to offer high quality, industry grade, and super secure cloud computing services to the customers. This announcement further elaborated the collaboration that Google has joined the Red Hat Company’s program called ‘Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program’.

The statement was made public through an official press release published on the official website of Red Hat Corporation. It was further stated in the press release that now the customers of Red Hat would be able to transfer their subscriptions to the cloud computing services offered by the Google Corporation on its Compute Engine platform. The movement of on-premise subscription of Linux can be done via Red Hat Cloud Access capability, which allows the customers to enjoy the choice and flexibility offered by the open hybrid cloud.

While talking about the Red Hat Cloud Access, the statement further elaborated that this offers the feature of “Bring Your Own Subscription” to the cloud computing platforms that are certified under the Red Hat’s “Red Hat Certified Cloud Provider Program” – the Google has become one of them. This program was started back in November 2013 by the Red Hat Corporation.

“Testing and certification requirements to demonstrate that they can deliver a safe, scalable, supported and consistent environment for enterprise cloud deployments,” says the statement. The press release further maintained that, “ This flexibility facilitates computing movement across environments, including swapping resources in and out of the cloud – via Red Hat Cloud Access – as business requirements dictate, supporting an agile business environment. In addition, by standardizing on a single operating environment for all physical, virtual, and cloud deployments, organizations can realize significant operational benefits.”

Many experts believe that this partnership will boost the prospect of Google cloud computing services in positioning as the efficient, reliable and affordable services against the cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services. Both the companies are already locked in a fierce fighting of price cuts and other incentives for the customers to increase their customer bases.

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