Hello Barbie! Welcome to the cloud and IoT

I’ve always thought dolls were creepy — not because I’m a guy, but because it seems that horror movies are chock-full of evil dolls trying to kill you. How many “Chucky” sequels do you have to watch before the stuff becomes real in your mind?

Now, there is Hello Barbie, a network-enabled, cloud-powered, AI-driven doll that will hold a conversation with your kid. According to Tech Republic, “Hello Barbie’s necklace is both a recorder and a microphone. Using Wi-Fi, the jewelry will pick up a child’s questions and conversations — and transmit them back to a control center for processing. Speech-recognition software, operated through ToyTalk, will detect the input. Then, Hello Barbie will reply, using one of 8,000 pre-programmed lines.”

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