IBM i Shops Contemplate Collaboration

IBM i Shops Contemplate Collaboration
It has been less than a year since it was supported on the IBM i platform and organizations that run Domino on Windows and Linux servers have not rushed to implement it even though they have had access to it longer. Interest is growing. At least that …
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Die eigene Cloud Eigene Cloud mit ownCloud einrichten
Privatpersonen, die sich keinen solchen dedizierten Server leisten wollen oder vor der komplexen Serverinstallation samt anschließender Einrichtung von Owncloud zurückschrecken, dafür jedoch über Webspace bei einem Provider in Deutschland verfügen, …
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What are my options for storing files in the cloud?
Run a file server within a cloud server and use block storage as the back end. You can run most anything within a cloud server, including a file server. This allows you to build out a high performance connection between the server and associated …
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