IDG Contributor Network: Blue Pillar IoT ensures hospitals always have power

Surgery requires steady hands—and power.

How do hospitals make sure they always have life-saving power? Or that standby generators and switches kick in when needed? How can patient safety be preserved during a power outage?

Sprawling hospital campuses, large power needs and zero downtime tolerance make it difficult. It’s so important, though, that there are even federal regulations for hospitals to ensure they’re prepared for potential outages.

With IoT-based facility management, though, hospitals concentrate on saving lives and worry less about power issues.

The challenge: maintaining equipment

Emergency power supply systems (EPSS) are the critical power infrastructure that supports hospitals during a power outage. This standby network of generators and switches ensures critical, life-saving power for equipment is always available. The systems have to be regularly tested and monitored to make sure they are in good working order.

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