IDG Contributor Network: Greenpeace announces its latest report about the environmental impacts of cloud

Greenpeace, the organization that is an advocate for the environment, is a useful part of the conversation around technology.

Readers would be forgiven for scratching their heads as to why Greenpeace would have anything of note to say about technology, but the fact of the matter is that increasingly consumption, economics and, by extension, environmental impacts, are created and impacted by the technology decisions that we, as consumers, make.

Greenpeace produces a regular report, the “Click-Clean” report, which details how different tech companies fare in terms of their moves towards sustainability. In particular, Greenpeace looks at how the big cloud computing companies utilize renewable power and what they do to encourage others to also think about their footprint. And when you consider that around 7% of global electricity is estimated to be utilized by technology generally, even small improvements in the efficiency of said equipment can lead to some positive impacts.

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