IDG Contributor Network: Move to the cloud: The barriers are all removed

Still have concerns about moving to the cloud? It’s time to take another look. Like you, I was skeptical, risk-averse, downright nervous. Since overcoming my self-induced psychological roadblocks, I finally drank the Kool-Aid. I have not purchased an on-premise application in over five years. I’ve bought only cloud technology and have never looked back. Historical barriers I was concerned about relating to flexibility, cost, staffing and most importantly security are now gone, or reduced significantly to remove any obstacles to full-scale adoption. I am now looking at the competition…in my rear-view mirror.


With an on-premise architecture, enhancements to your platform may require additional investments in hardware, software and networking to mention a few. These cannot only be expensive, but take considerable time to implement. With a cloud platform, enhancements can be a mere phone call away, reducing your implementation time significantly.

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