IDG Contributor Network: SUSE: Slow and steady wins the race

SUSE is one of the trinities of the Linux world, the other two being Red Hat and Canonical. SUSE is critical to the Linux world as they are among the top contributors to many open source projects including Linux. As someone who monitors the Linux world very closely, I keep a close eye on SUSE.

Most of you may not know, but SUSE is the oldest Linux company that’s still going strong. SUSE was founded in 1992; Linux was announced in 1991.

Being a German company, from the very early days, SUSE’s strengths were in engineering. I can’t say the same about their sales and marketing. The company got acquired by Novell, and while it did get sales and marketing muscles from Novell, it suffered from brand dilution. Although Novell knew that future was open source and Linux, there was an internal conflict between its own proprietary products and SUSE’s open source products. It was the same dilemma that killed Sun Microsystems.

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