IDG Contributor Network: Who will win the battle for cloud dominance?

Enterprises are now contending the impact of cloud computing on all matters IT. The scalability and flexibility of cloud resources are crucial to CIOs, and the cloud has the potential to liberate IT teams from hit-or-miss capacity planning and future-proofing.

The race to grab the cloud mantle is heating up, and a sign of this was Eric Schmidt’s recent speech in which he pushed companies to embrace the cloud.

“Just get to the cloud now,” he said. “Just go there now. There’s no time to waste anymore,” Schmidt cautioned.

In addition, the IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) model means that IT can now be treated as operational expense that can be paid through monthly subscriptions rather than outright and expensive capital expenditure. That is why many organizations are now looking into shifting or integrating the cloud to their existing infrastructure.

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