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How Will Mainframes Survive In The Cloud Era?
Cloud computing promises us flexible and reliable service delivery based on charging for what we use, but that's a model which mainframe computing has been using for decades. How will the use of mainframes evolve in the future? Picture: Keystone/Getty …
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How Will Rackspace Hosting OpenStack Cloud Computing Certification Affect
Rackspace Hosting has initiated a new effort to help the cloud community grab some attractive certifications, in the form of OpenStack Fundamentals. This offering is based on teaching materials that hosting company developed internally for a course …

Data center growth: Cloud means more capacity in fewer hands, says IDC
Credit: Jack Clark. The footprint of data centers is shrinking as more capacity is being added by cloud computing service providers, according to International Data Corp. The shift to the cloud means that internal data center growth is out even as …
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