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DigitalOcean Co-Founder and CEO Ben Uretsky: Finding a Place in the Cloud
For instance, Amazon had originally built its enormous server farms to underpin what's become the world's biggest ecommerce business, and Amazon Web Services, which offers public cloud services, can be seen as an offshoot – a way to monetize unused …
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DocMoto for Mac review: Network-based document management tool tracks it all
DocMoto is a client-server application that you purchase either as a cloud-based, hosted service or that you can install and host on your own servers. The cloud-based version is hosted by CHL Software and is backed up on their servers. (Side note: For …
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Microsoft tests waters for cloudy System Center heir
“Challenges” offered include “My management tools require too much expertise”, “My management tools do not work with my public cloud assets” and “My management tools do not manage Unix\Linux servers”. There's also the option to complain that “It is …
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