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Rackspace Joined Amazon in Patching, Rebooting Cloud Servers
The cloud provider had to patch an untold number of servers in its global data centers over the weekend and then reboot them, which caused disruption to about a quarter of Rackspace's more than 200,000 customers, according to President and CEO Taylor …
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Rackspace rebooting its cloud servers too
On Oct. 1, Xen project leaders will be releasing details of the security vulnerability, which is why vendors are in a rush to update their servers. Rackspace says that all of its Standard, Performance 1 and Performance 2 Cloud Servers will be rebooted.
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Amazon Reboots Cloud Servers, Xen Bug Blamed
Amazon Web Services is working hard to patch its EC2 cloud host servers for what appears to be a severe hypervisor security defect. The process started at 7:00 p.m. Pacific time Thursday. It needs to be completed in the next five days — before Oct. 1.
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