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How To Speak Data Center: kWh to BTUs
In my first post on how IT can better communicate with their data center facility counterparts, I discussed the distinction between power and energy, and why that distinction matters when IT talks about its power and cooling needs with data center …

EBay's Bet on Fuel Cells Will Influence Data Centers
When Dean Nelson, the vice president responsible for provisioning and consolidating EBay's (EBAY) data centers, evaluated Utah as a site for EBay's next mega-data-center project, he was mostly happy. It offered tax incentives, low latency for serving …
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Data center CEO sees increase in business after Sandy, says Midwest is the
Local data center Online Tech CEO Yan Ness told news radio WWJ's technology editor Matt Roush that he's seen an increase in business since Hurricane Sandy. The spike comes after some data servers in the northeast were destroyed during the storm's …

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