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AMD and Canonical create OpenStack in a rack
A few months ago, Canonical, Ubuntu Linux's parent company, had an unexpected hit on its hands: the Ubuntu Orange Box. This OpenStack cloud in a box, although made from consumer-grade components, was the star of May's OpenStack Summit.
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HP leapfrogs Red Hat to become top contributor to OpenStack
Becoming the top contributor to OpenStack means different things to different people. For some, it amounts to bragging rights. Others may consider this a significant move for a company like HP to back a still-growing open source project like OpenStack.
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HP and Eucalyptus and OpenStack, oh my!
When Mickos first started talking about working with OpenStack he said, "OpenStack, in my view, is the all-embracing cloud project that various large and small vendors package for complex and highly customized deployments." Eucalyptus's stock in trade …
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