Mobiag chose Lunacloud to host its public carsharing platform

(PRWEB UK) 12 September 2014

Mobiag has recently launched an innovative solution that aims to provide a global shift towards a more intelligent urban mobility. Responsible for managing a public roaming carsharing system, mobiag ensures the network operations and compensation mechanisms between operators, as well as integrity and the quality of service. The management of all carsharing operations, are performed by mobiag’s technological platform (MobiCS). This technology enables a seamless and transparent integration between operators and users, by applying the roaming concept to any carsharing models and networks, working also as a management tool, at the same level as some international best practices. MobiCS is a public platform based on Lunacloud’s infrastructure, since one of the company’s requirements was the total flexibility that should be given by the IaaS supplier. Lunacloud enables that same flexibility at a very low cost, compared to other IaaS cloud providers, which only provide sealed packages of computational resources.

To turn this idea into a business, the owners had to materialize it, so they relied on Lunacloud. Thus, in a first stage, Lunacloud has provided its infrastructure, so that Mobiag could implement its own platform. The reliability and security of the platform, were the main concerns of mobiag, because without it, the business could not be launched. That was the reason why mobiag made the decision to use a cloud service that could ensure such reliability and security, and at the same time was easily scalable and prepared for the business growth. The first interaction with Lunacloud’s Control Panel was excellent. “Very simple to use, even for someone who is not an experienced user like me. The information about the prices is clear and displayed in real time”, says João Felix, mobiag’s CEO.

Mobiag promotes smart solutions for urban mobility based on the integration of car sharing and public transport network for the benefit of its customers, partners and users, by improving the quality of life in the cities. Since mobiag would never compromise the fast and easy access to its platform, either by administrators or users, the company needed powerful computing resources.

Mobiag realized that by using Lunacloud, the company could run all its applications back and front-end, using multiple servers with reliable and elastic cloud computing resources, that met the demands of the users. The solution that mobiag found in order to achieve the intended results, was the implementation of four cloud servers that are constantly running. One runs the back-office system, another one supports the maps, the third one hosts databases and the last one supports the front end. For each of them, the features are different, depending on its needs, and the great asset is that mobiag can scale those resources, depending on the requirements of each of them.

Mobiag ensures the delivery of a reliable, fast and uninterrupted service to all its users, since the features chosen for each of the servers can support the current requirements and at the same time, can easily adapt to future requirements.

Read the entire Case Study here

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