Refreshes and cloud spending boost server demand

Refreshes and cloud spending boost server demand
"The server market continues to be deeply impacted by the shift to the 3rd Platform and the affect of mobile, cloud, social and big data analytic technologies. IDC has seen increasing market influence from Greater China, hyperscale datacenters, ODMs …
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Linux, the overweight king of cloud: Will this change anytime soon?
Linux may not be the most overweight server OS out there, but it does take up more resources than it used to. According to the Linux Foundation's 2014 Enterprise End User Report, 75% of enterprise cloud platforms are Linux. Since millions of cloud …
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2015: Cloud automation turns from operations to applications
As cloud deployments gain momentum across government, agencies are benefitting from increased levels of automation that make it easier, cheaper and faster to spin up new IT resources and deploy cutting-edge web applications. In 2015, more capabilities …

OpenPOWER Get Cloud Vote of Confidence from Rackspace
While x86 server will continue to dominate cloud computing environments for some time to come, there's no doubt that Power-based systems are being taken more seriously by cloud service providers. Previous generation of Power processors had little in …
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