Singly hop cloud hosting company is one of the best companies in this domain of business. This company was established in year 2006 by two founding members Mr. Zak Boca and Dan Ushman. Its headquarters are situated in Chicago area. It has state of the art data centers in Chicago area; they are highly managed and well equipped in all respect. Single Hop Cloud hosting Company has achieved many milestones during last about six years of operation. It has achieved the recognition of being one of the reliable cloud partners of the all types of entrepreneurs. It is it number one fasted growing IT company and 25th in overall growing company in United States of America.

Features and Control Panel 
Single hop Cloud Company is recognized for its great features of its services. It has robust infrastructures, cutting edge technologies with high level of innovative usage, great schemes, expertise human resources and enthusiastic customer support. All of above mentioned attributes make this company highly attractive for different classes of enterprises. Single hop uses LEAP management/interface system for their client to manage, develop and interface their services remotely. LEAP has many great features, which make this company more exciting for customers.

Single Hop Company uses latest cutting edge technologies for its operation of cloud computing solutions. Among such latest technologies LEAP control/interface panel, Heavy duty server machines, highly secure operating systems, latest security schemes and systems for both network and physical security. A great technical feature of Single-Hop Company is the innovation of the technology; it continuously seeks for innovative technical ways in-house as well as outside. This makes the most of available technologies and resources for its valuable customers.

Performance and Reliability 
Performance and reliability is the main objective of Single Hop Company to achieve for its valuable customers. It has achieved the milestone of being one of the most reliable Cloud Hosting service providers of this domain of business. The network uptime is more than 99.99% and the speed of the systems and connecting media is the highlight of its services. It always uses most effective means to keep the services uninterrupted and smooth. It uses redundant server locations, great level of virtualization, standby power backup systems, high class contingency plans, network recovery schemes, and many other great features to maintain high level of reliability and performance experience of the clients.

Price of the cloud hosting services of Single Hop Company is amazing one; it provides a reliable service with great customer support on very nominal preplanned schemes as well as on negotiable schemes. The minimum price plan starts from as low as $ 50 per month. You can also adjust your needs and future demands according to your plans on very reasonable prices. There is also a compensation plan for any degradation of committed services.

Single Hop is very well aware of the importance of the customer support; it always plays a pivotal role in development and growth of business in any field. Single Hop Company provides world class customer support to their customers on demand.

Abovementioned great features make Single Hop Cloud Hosting Company as one of the most exciting company of this service. The growth rate of company business is tremendous and increasing at a very high pace.

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