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Artificial Intelligence Today: Time to Act

The AI and advanced analytics conversation has risen all the way to C-suite. The time has come to act. Jump on the AI train soon or you will be left behind. InformationWeek: Cloud

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Have We Reached Collaboration Conflict? Time for Glue

A swarm of collaboration tools in the typical enterprise presents challenges such as data silos and tool overload for managers. The solution just might be more, but better, tools. InformationWeek: Cloud

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An agile Air Force slashes time to roll out new IT capabilities

Can an organization really cut development time more than 70 percent by embracing the agile philosophy and open architecture? The intelligence-gathering arm of the U.S. Air Force says it’s done just that. The Air Force’s Distributed Common Ground System, a network of … Continue reading

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There’s Still Time! Go Here For Last Minute Deals That Will Ship Fast – Deal Alert

Procrastination has once again turned into desperation. “Maybe I could whittle a pan flute from those broken chair legs in the basement”, you’re thinking. Snap out of it! Stay calm and remind yourself that with just a few minutes on … Continue reading

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Chicago bank finds public cloud ready for prime time

In the early 1930s Congress chartered a dozen federal loan banks across the country to help smaller banks provide liquidity for home loans. Today, the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago holds $ 70.7 billion in assets. And Eric Gieger, … Continue reading

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It’s time to revisit Apple buying Dropbox

Dropbox once told Apple’s Steve Jobs that it wasn’t for sale, but now might be a good time to change its tune. The bottom’s dropped out of Dropbox’s market. In 2011, it was invaluable. But now, in 2015, it’s clunky … Continue reading

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Is OpenStack ready for prime time?

If you listen to the hype surrounding OpenStack, it’s nothing less than a panacea offering fast, relatively easy, cost-efficient tools for deploying enterprise apps as cloud services. Some analysts are far less bullish, arguing that building a private cloud with … Continue reading

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