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You Are Doing Analytics Wrong: Here Is Why

Analytics ROI often falls short because businesses overlook important parts of the process. InformationWeek: Cloud

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Serverless computing: Don’t make the wrong choices

Serverless computing is all the rage right now—and for several good reasons: It removes you from having to provision a server yourself; you simply write functions, and the resources you need are automatically allocated to that function. You pay only … Continue reading

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IDG Contributor Network: 17 painful ways a major software purchase can go wrong

In some ways selecting enterprise software is like painting a house – the key to success lies in the preparation. Rather than doing the work demanded by a mature software selection process, some organizations take shortcuts and create unnecessary pain for … Continue reading

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IT is getting cloud storage security all wrong

A pair of research reports on cloud storage behaviors reiterates what has been an enduring and entirely unnecessary reality about data storage: The greatest threat to your store is not outside hackers, it’s your own staff.  The first comes from … Continue reading

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