The top 12 overused IT terms

Every part of the corporate world has its share of unusual and even strange jargon. IT is no different, offering us clouds, ecosystems, waterfalls, sprints and scrums, and even cookies and breadcrumbs. Does anyone outside of IT really know what these expressions mean? Here are the top 12 annoying, overused IT terms that we should replace with normal language. (No need to limit ourselves to 10 just because David Letterman did.)

terms ecosystem f01 c Todd Kale


It’s not Biosphere 2 with an IT twist, and it’s certainly not an indication that environmentalists have taken over the corporate world. It is simply a way of talking about how numerous systems and technologies integrate and are interdependent on each other. In concept, it does make sense, but the term has become so widely used that many non-IT types just tune it out. Maybe we can keep the term ecosystem in the global warming conversation and out of the IT systems migration discussion.

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