VEXXHOST cloud hosting company is very well known company in the field of cloud hosting services. This company was established in year 2006 and now it possesses a great experience of more than six years in this service. They are headquartered in St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada. They have also an office in United States, which is located at New York City. They have achieved the image of the most reliable and most economical service provider in very short span of time. The prices and services of this company are matchless, which is clearly depicted from customer reviews and awards from independent professional organizations.


Features and Control Panel 
There are many great features of cloud hosting service of VEXXHOST Company, which make this company ideal for many cloud service users. VEXXHOST uses world class technologies like Citrix XenServer for virtualization and heavy duty machines for its valuable customers to provide great experience of the services. It uses fully redundant cloud platform, latest versions of RAID technologies, Self healing servers, fully redundant network infrastructure powered by Cisco systems, world class state of art data centers, redundant power systems, latest physical security systems and many more. It offers very cheap prices for enterprise level of cloud services. The customer support is another salient feature of VEXXHOST Company to offer.

VEXXHOST uses latest cutting edge technologies, which give performance, reliability, redundancy and flexibility to its customers. Among such great cloud technologies, Xen-Server virtualization platform, Linux operating systems, self healing Dell machines, advance Cloud Manage control system, fault tolerant advanced storage systems (RAID) and Cisco switches and routers are few to name. They use latest versions of operating systems like Ubuntu, Windows 2008, and CentOS etc.

Performance and Reliability
Reliability and performance in the networks and systems is always achieved through two key factors; one is the best available technologies and the other is properly implementation and management of the same. VEXXHOST has both of the key factors available in its services. They have world class and latest technologies into its networks and have well trained and knowledgeable technical and management staff to implement and manage the same. The reliability of VEXXHOST networks is 100%. They provide mission critical reliability and performance of cloud hosting services.

There is no match to VEXXHOST as far as the prices of the services and plans are concerned. VEXXHOST provides the most competitive prices on the market place. It promotes the healthy competition in the field of cloud hosting so that the customer can get the best results of this cruising technology. The price of a minimum plan costs as low as $ 33.56 per month. There is also a flexibility to choose the plan as per your needs and requirements.

Another most exciting feature of VEXXHOST Company is its industry grade customer support. It has well trained and qualified technical staff to support its customer on the basis of 24×7. They provide support with great manners to talk and list to the valuable customer. There is no language accent problem in talking to customer support of VEXXHOST Company.

There is no match to VEXXHOST in its great pricing schemes and industry grade customer support. The cloud hosting business of VEXXHOST Company is getting some extra ordinary grounds on this domain of business.

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  1. Emily Holt says:

    I signed up for vexxhost cloud hosting, they call it Cloud Sites. They have 80% discount so I took advantage of it. when my website became live I was shocked of how fast it load. All the pages with images and every thing load with 0.20 second. it is faster that loading the page even from my hard drive. I think this is because of the solid state drives and levels of caching. I am more than happy with this enterprise service and happy to write this review

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