Why I ditched my servers for the Cloud

Why I ditched my servers for the Cloud
If it's cloud in the public or in the private space, I'm all over it. Until recently though, I haven't practiced what I preached. Vestiges of my earlier life still existed, in the form of my own private server lab, which I used for software testing and …
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New cloud server could have kept celebrity pics safe, partner says
“The Respect Network, which we are working with, offers a new model, in which you store your data not on a server run by a big company like Apple, but on your own private cloud.” The advantage, said Wolberger, is that when the inevitable hack does …
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Server capacity over-provisioned as CIOs bring legacy habits to cloud platforms
A survey of 200 global CIOs published today suggests most businesses significantly over-provision cloud resources, with servers typically only seeing about 51 per cent utilisation over their full deployment cycle. Richard Davies, chief executive …
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After Celebrity Photo Hack, How Safe Is the Cloud?
On its website, Apple has an entire overview of the security measures in place to protect data on iCloud. iCloud data is encrypted both on the server and when it is in transit (that means, when it is sent from your device to the server). For photos …
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random:25]Cisco Expands UCS Server Lineup for Cloud and the Edge
Cisco today is announcing a major overhaul of its Unified Computing System (UCS) server lineup. In addition to Intel Xeon chip updates for its B and C class systems, Cisco is adding the new M-Series for the cloud and a UCS mini portfolio for edge-of …
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