25 questions for screening a Salesforce Sales Cloud consultant

Sales Cloud projects are the bread-and-butter of most consultancies’ Salesforce.com work, so there probably isn’t an issue of general competence and ability to execute.  However, there is a huge range of business models and sales channels out there, and it is critical that the consultant understand how your sales function works, and the difference between one of your profit-driving deals and a break-even “sustainer.”  If the consultant doesn’t get it, the system they build for you will be clunky or just get in the way.

This brief set of questions is designed to help you evaluate the suitability of a Salesforce.com (SFDC) consultancy. It is not meant to be delivered as a questionnaire for the consultancy to fill out in the RFP.  Instead, use the questions conversationally so you can see their flinches and know where to probe.

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