Ipage and BlueHost – How to Resemble and Contrast with Each Other?

There are many features and service attributes, which are similar for both Ipage and BlueHost companies. Meanwhile there are few very critical features that do not resemble to each other and they play a vital role in differentiating the services of these two web hosting companies. We are going to describe these resemblances and dissimilarities of these two companies in detail. The details of services and features are given in different headlines as mentioned below.

Resemblance in Service Features
Ipage web hosting company and BlueHost web hosting company are the subsidiary of one international business group called Endurance International Group. This group also owns few other important web hosting and cloud hosting companies. These both companies are similar in different services; they both provide unlimited sub domains, unlimited parked domains, unlimited POP3 email inboxes, unlimited IMAP/Secure email support, unlimited email forwarding, unlimited add-on domains, one year free domain, unlimited disk space, and unlimited bandwidth.

These both companies offer instant setup free of cost and there are no hidden charges in their services. They offer almost similar type of customer support to their customers through different medium of communication like short messages services, instant messaging, telephone toll free numbers, emails, and TT systems. They offer this service on the basis of 24×7 (round the clock).

Ipage and BlueHost web hosting companies offer great availability of the network as per recommended standards. They both offer more than 99.9% of network uptime. They offer the customers different types of incentives like they both offer Google ads credits and other social network ads credits to enhance the search engine and social network traffic for better business advertisement and optimization. Both of these companies offer any time money back guarantee of the investment of the customer for their web hosting solutions. They offer similar level of technologies like Joomla, Word press, Drupal, CGI, Ruby on Rail, and many others. Both use latest server machines for the services and highly secure platforms.

Contrast in Service Features
There are a few very noteworthy contrasts between the features of the services of these two web hosting companies. These differences are in prices, control panels, physical locations of services, and some other fields. The price schemes of these two companies are different from each other. Minimum price offer of Ipage web hosting company is $ 3.5 per month while the same is about $ 4.95 in the case of BlueHost web hosting company. There is a big difference in the prices with almost similar types of services. Ipage offers a limit on data transfer and disk space while BlueHost is unlimited in both of categories.

Another major difference is that of control panels; BlueHost web hosting company uses c-panel as its control panel while Ipage does not use c-panel for its control panel. In the nut shell, majority of the features are similar but few are different that play important role. Both these companies i.e. Ipage and BlueHost have offices in different parts of the globe. They operate both have offices in United States of America, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

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