Red Hat can't afford to let HP lead OpenStack

Red Hat can't afford to let HP lead OpenStack
According to, which measures operating system adoption on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Canonical's Ubuntu leads with 54% of the market. Of more concern, however, is that 55% of OpenStack users also prefer Ubuntu, according to a …
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OpenStack Can Be 'Rosetta Stone' Of Cloud
To understand the significance of the consolidation of the cloud computing space over the past few weeks, we must first consider the historical context of OpenStack. We can then consider how these recent events have changed how OpenStack is positioned …
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What's new in OpenStack Juno
OpenStack is on a six-month release cycle, with each release given a code name starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet. On October 16th, OpenStack Juno will be released, with several new projects, and lots of new features. Here's a few of the …

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