Start Up Zefflin Systems Launches

San Diego, California (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

Systems integration startup Zefflin Systems, L.L.C. today announced its entry into the IT marketplace. Zefflin brings state-of-the-art data center automation and private cloud solutions to market using leading technologies like OpenStack, VMWare VCloud® Suite and Chef® software. Zefflin’s unique combination of tools, integration skills and experience brings affordable solutions designed to dramatically increase productivity of IT staff.

To support growing business units with flat or shrinking IT budgets, today’s CIO has no choice but to increase IT staff productivity dramatically. At the same time, IT departments are faced with the need to improve the speed of service while maintaining a secure computing environment. Zefflin’s approach, centered on automation and private cloud computing, affords a primary opportunity that goes well beyond just virtualization. It encompasses processes including service catalog, approvals, chargeback, provisioning of applications, network, storage and database, governance and compliance.

The challenge is significant because new technologies that can solve these problems emerge constantly, with no clear leader. Zefflin fills a critical need by offering cutting edge expertise in market leading tools while developing best practices for integration of those tools. Zefflin continuously evaluates new technologies in its research lab as well as in the field. This agile approach enables Zefflin to cut through the hype and solve business problems with the best, state of the art technologies and expertise available.

“As OpenStack and other automation software has matured, customers now have many choices, while they also have existing solutions in place like VMWare that are working well,” said Sam Melehy, Zefflin CEO. “There is a critical need for specialized system integrators who can leverage existing software investments and integrate new tools and functionality to enable private cloud computing at a reasonable cost. Zefflin is uniquely positioned to fill that need.”

About Zefflin:

Zefflin is a systems integration company focused on Datacenter Automation, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud solution implementation and integration. We offer advanced, cost effective solutions to our customers in the areas of request/catalog management, automated provisioning (OS, application, database, storage, and network), policy governance and compliance for the entire computing infrastructure. Our vision is to bring to market consulting/software solutions that enable the lights-out datacenter. This will allow our customers to implement fully automated, private and hybrid cloud systems, delivering low cost, high quality IT services to their customers while minimizing personnel cost.

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