storageFOUNDRY Launches Nautilus 4K Software-Defined Data Storage System

San Mateo, California (PRWEB) February 17, 2015

storageFOUNDRY announces the release of the Nautilus 4K (N4K), a high-performance version of their popular software-defined storage (SDS) series. The N4K is specifically designed for the real-time throughput requirements of digital media, high-resolution content, and big data streams.

Nautilus 4K unites the low-cost and versatility of object storage with the high throughput and real-time performance of RAID data storage. Developed for HD, 2K, 4K, and ultra high-definition resolutions, the N4K is an open source platform that features an HA cluster design and delivers expansive bandwidth as the system scales out, even for high frame rate (HFR) workloads delivered to a single workstation.

“With the release of the Nautilus 4K we now have an inexpensive, highly scalable object storage system with the capacity and performance to meet the needs of high-definition media and content analytics,” said Craig Forbes, Solution Architect for Nautilus products. “The data demands from high-res cameras and sensors often exceed the capabilities of both enterprise data systems and cloud-based storage. Nautilus 4K borrows from the design principals of both, while adding in the focused performance needed for today’s content. Based on our in-field experience, we have found that Nautilus is the go-to solution for the Storage of Everything.”

Powered by open source Ceph, the Nautilus series provides object, block, and file-based storage over a number of connectivity options supporting traditional SAN, NAS, and Cloud access. As the proven software core is already a favorite for OpenStack and cloud-service providers, Nautilus is the ideal solution to converging legacy applications and private clouds into a single storage architecture with minimal budget impact.

“With today’s exponential data growth, companies are under immense pressure to store and analyze a greater amount of data, at even faster speeds and much lower costs,” said Brendan Collins, Vice President of Product Marketing, HGST. “Our proven, HelioSeal™ HDD platform and PCIe Flash solutions are synonymous with industry-leading storage capacity, performance, reliability and the lowest total cost of ownership. When coupled with software-defined storage systems, like the Nautilus series, customers can now capture, access and grab real-time insight from their data with speed and confidence like never before.”    

The Nautilus 4K is expandable using local or geo-distributed storage nodes connected using low-cost 10G, 40G, or 56G links, allowing it to scale-out and resize according to need. The current roadmap for the Nautilus series adds support for Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) transfers and NVM Express (NVMe) caching in Q2 2015, further extending the value obtained from off-the-shelf components and technologies. Existing Nautilus systems can be field-upgraded to N4K systems.

Pricing for the Nautilus 4K starts at $ 59,995. For more information visit

About storageFOUNDRY:

Established in 2013, storageFOUNDRY is a leader in the convergence of OEM-grade storage components and open-platform architectures that embrace scale-out, parallel access and software-defined systems. From 100TB to 100PB, our architects and engineers can review the pros and cons of a multitude of options and assist you in finding the one that is idea for your situation. E-mail discover(at)storagefoundry(dot)net to have a skilled engineer collaborate at your side for that next important project.

For more information, visit

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