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Online Game “Blue Whale” Blamed for Suicides Amongst Players

[unable to retrieve full-text content] India’s Supreme Court is holding hearings by advocates who want the online game “Blue Whale” banned after blaming it for 100 suicides throughout the country, according to The Indian Express. The game issues various challenges … Continue reading

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Sleeping giant Qualcomm awakens with aim to crush Intel at its own game

Last Wednesday was historic for Qualcomm. In one day, the company jumped beyond its comfort zone of mobile chips and entered the PC and server markets. With the expansion, Qualcomm now has chips for most computing products. It wants to … Continue reading

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Facebook celebrates March Madness with a basketball game in its Messenger app

March Madness is here, and while you may not be able to directly participate in the drama and buzzer-beating excitement of the NCAA’s annual basketball tournament, you can always shoot some hoops…from within Facebook’s Messenger app? As noted by Phone … Continue reading

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Google’s cloud benchmarking tool ups its game

Google’s PerfKit toolset for benchmarking cloud environments was originally released earlier this year in a pre-1.0 version. Today, it’s officially been bumped to a 1.0 release, with expanded support for various cloud providers and automation of 26 different benchmarks, up from … Continue reading

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Public cloud providers’ end game shouldn’t surprise anyone

In the beginning, public cloud was the only choice. If you had an existing environment on-premise, colocated or with another web hosting company, you couldn’t connect it up to the public cloud. You could set up your own site-to-site VPN … Continue reading

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