VotRite Unveils New Interactive Voting Kiosks, Bringing Electoral Process to Public Locales

(PRWEB) September 12, 2014

The right to vote is routinely championed as one of the hallmarks of the American experience—but the ability to vote is another matter entirely. As ballot-casting technology has improved and expanded, the logistics involved with voting have grown both more accessible but also more complex. A company called VotRite seeks to make the act of voting as simple and as seamless as possible—and now, VotRite is proud to announce a new voting network, using interactive kiosks at shopping centers, retail stores, and other public locations.

“The purpose of the new voting machines is to make it easier for people to vote—as simple as that,” comments Jim Kapsis, Managing Partner of VotRite. “We’re trying to bring the voting process to more venues and locations, to ensure that anyone who would like to participate in the voting process can do so with a minimal amount of inconvenience.”

The new VotRite voting portal will initially offer the voter an opportunity to vote from a select network of public locations, spread across the United States—with the intention of expanding that network down the road. The voting portals are Wi-Fi enabled to ensure that each ballot cast is received, counted, and secured by cloud servers managed by Rackspace.

“The VotRite voting portal offers global voting options via any connectable device—including your tablet, your smartphone, or even your laptop computer,” Kapsis continues. “Now, we can add these interactive kiosks, as well—which is a boon to those who may not have connectable devices, or who may not wish to use them.”

VotRite has successfully facilitated elections on behalf of nationally known unions, colleges and universities, law enforcement complexes, condominium associations, and a wide variety of membership organizations.

Concludes Kapsis, “We are constantly seeking new ways to use technology to boost and enhance the electoral process—and are excited about the possibilities that these kiosks make available to us.”

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